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5 Ways To Decrease The Risk Of Concussions In Youth Football

1/25/18 7:28 AM / by Athlete Intelligence

With the end of football season, it is a great time to reflect on ways keep our youngest 
athletes prepared and protected for the coming year. Having knowledge about how to prevent head injuries is a key part of ensuring a safe game for children. Here are 5 ways to decrease the risk of concussions in youth football.

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Top 7 Youth Sports Movies

11/27/17 3:08 PM / by Athlete Intelligence

Who doesn’t love a good children’s sports movie? Whether it is overcoming adversity, beating the odds or breaking down stereotypes, these films can teach some of life’s most important lessons. As part of our Coachable Moments series, we’ve put together a list of our favorite sports movies for the kids.

Check them out:

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7 Sports Safety Tips For Kids

11/15/17 4:54 PM / by Athlete Intelligence

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