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7 Ways To Improve Your Athletic Performance

6/29/17 11:36 AM / by David Gallaher

Every athlete is looking for ways to improve their game and maximize their performance. Here are seven easy methods that any athlete can integrate into their daily routine that can help bring dividends on the field, court, and track.

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How to Use an Athlete Centered Approach to Change Nutritional Habits

5/4/17 11:14 AM / by Lidia Harding

With managing a whole team, 12-14 hour days and a limit on time, many coaches don’t take the time to work on nutrition with their athletes. It’s easy to just hand out a meal plan and to say, “eat this, not that.” If coaches took the time to understand behavior change, helped athletes understand their goals, and created an environment for them to succeed, they would not only see positive results, but they would also build a stronger team.

Strength and conditioning coach Adam Feit, was recently invited to the NSCA Coaches Conference to speak about an athlete-centered approach to nutrition coaching. The entire session is available to watch directly on their website.

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