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The 7 Greatest Football Movies

5/1/18 6:43 AM / by Athlete Intelligence

Football season may be over until the fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some films about the sport until then. Here’s seven great football movies to tide you over until September.

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The 7 Greatest Super Bowl Moments Of All Time

2/2/18 5:15 AM / by Athlete Intelligence

Super Bowl season is once again upon us. We are all looking forward to the action, the thrills, the drama, and the highs and lows that make the Super Bowl the most compelling of all sports events. Here are seven of the greatest, most memorable moments in Super Bowl history.

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How the NFL Uses Data Analytics in the Draft

4/27/17 9:25 AM / by Lidia Harding

As the 2017 NFL draft kicks off this week, many teams are pouring over data as well as traditional scouting methods, to evaluate and choose their next big stars.

Scouting is a combination of what the coaches and scouts, see, hear and believe and these days it’s also supplemented with data and facts to help give coaches a clear picture of what a player has to offer.

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