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How to Fund Your Team's Safety and Performance

6/1/17 12:15 PM / by Athlete Intelligence

veryone wants to be a part of a winning team. And while using coaching tools and new and innovative technology can be a huge competitive advantage for teams, most high schools and youth leagues don’t have the funds for extra gear or equipment. 

The great thing about sports is that it offers a perfect opportunity to get the community involved. There are many fundraising options that can help your team bring in the money you need for the technology that will set you apart.

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Implementing Ideas Learned During The Off-Season

5/25/17 3:19 PM / by Lidia Harding

Implementing Ideas Learned During the Off-Season Requires Careful Consideration | AFCA Weekly for Football Coaches

By Mike Podoll, Associate Oublisher, This is AFCA Magazine

Here’s how the typical scenario unfolds for many coaching staffs each off-season. After taking a short break away from football, coaches finally find themselves fully re-energized and with enough free time to self-scout the previous season and dive into that long-bookmarked “Chalk Talk” article, instructional DVD, coaching book or game-film that they’ve been meaning to check out.

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Organization for the new head coach

5/10/17 3:16 PM / by AFCA Weekly

Organization for the New Head Coach | AFCA Weekly for Football Coaches

By Bill Shepard, Durand (III.) High School

Now that you are the person in charge of the football program, what comes next?

With this position comes great power to organize, develop, plan and direct. Yet also what comes with this new position is great responsibility. There are five important elements that can help new head coaches be successful. The first is organization.

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How to Use an Athlete Centered Approach to Change Nutritional Habits

5/4/17 11:14 AM / by Lidia Harding

With managing a whole team, 12-14 hour days and a limit on time, many coaches don’t take the time to work on nutrition with their athletes. It’s easy to just hand out a meal plan and to say, “eat this, not that.” If coaches took the time to understand behavior change, helped athletes understand their goals, and created an environment for them to succeed, they would not only see positive results, but they would also build a stronger team.

Strength and conditioning coach Adam Feit, was recently invited to the NSCA Coaches Conference to speak about an athlete-centered approach to nutrition coaching. The entire session is available to watch directly on their website.

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Winning with Sportsmanship

4/28/17 9:57 AM / by Lidia Harding

Winning with Sportsmanship | AFCA Weekly for Football Coaches

By Mark Ehlers, Former Head Coach, Dubuque Hempstead (Iowa) High School

Sportsmanship is one of the most important life skills coaches can teach their athletes. It is the foundation skill of how we act before, during and after the game. This skill must be practiced when we win or lose and whether we’re happy or sad. As coaches, we hope that sportsmanship develops and matures into real life citizenship as athletes move into adulthood.

To achieve this, coaches must be passionate about the teaching and modeling of this very important life skill. Here are some suggestions on how your program can stress and promote the value of sportsmanship.

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How Rugby Style Tackling Is Benefiting Football

4/20/17 8:36 AM / by Lidia Harding

The term “rugby style tackling” was coined in 2012 when a guest rugby coach from England visited the Seahawks’ team facility. Coach Pete Carroll and Assistant Head and Defense Coach Rocky Seto were practicing the fundamentals of a leverage-based shoulder tackling method: track the near hip, target the thigh, hit with the leveraged shoulder. The visiting coach said it looked like a rugby tackle, and it added element to how the Seahawks teach tackling.

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