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YOUTH SPORTS SAFETY MONTH: Top 7 Youth Sports Movies

4/16/18 1:00 AM / by Athlete Intelligence


Who doesn’t love a good children’s sports movie? Whether it is overcoming adversity, beating the odds or breaking down stereotypes, these films can teach some of life’s most important lessons. As part of our YOUTH SPORTS SAFETY MONTH series, we’ve put together a list of our favorite sports movies for the kids.

Check them out:



 7. The Mighty Ducks


A selfish lawyer is ordered to coach a ragtag youth hockey team, the same one he was a member of a long time ago. Can he overcome his apathy, send the Mighty Ducks to victory, and regain his love of the sport?


6. Bend It Like Beckham

A 18-year-old daughter of Punjabi Sikhs in London has her heart set on playing soccer—but her parents have told her she can’t play because she is a girl. She joins a local women's team anyway, working to make it to the top of the league.




5. Bad News Bears

An aging down-and-out former minor-league baseball player is tasked with getting a little league team filled with the “worst” players into shape. The coach and his players attempt to get each other’s self-respect back and win the big game.




4. Whip It

A small-town misfit’s world opens up when she joins a roller derby league in nearby Austin. This popular film helped restart the roller derby craze and has inspired many people to try the sport for themselves!




3. The Sandlot

Widely considered to be a cult classic, this retro film follows the adventures of the new kid in town as he joins the raucous local baseball team. A coming-of-age film the whole family can enjoy.




2. Little Giants

Brothers in a small town face off as they coach rival peewee football teams. Can the two put aside their competitiveness and find a solution that will work for both them and their teams?




1. Rookie Of The Year

A 12-year-old Little Leaguer’s dreams of making the big time seem shattered when he breaks his arm. But he discovers that it has miraculously healed in a way that lets him pitch over 100 miles per hour.




And that’s our list! What other classic youth sports films can YOU think of?



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