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Fundraising For Safety (and Performance!)

1/13/18 10:52 AM / by Athlete Intelligence


Everyone wants to be a part of a winning team. And while using coaching tools and new and innovative technology can be a huge competitive advantage for teams, most high schools and youth leagues don’t have the funds for extra gear or equipment. 

The great thing about sports is that it offers a perfect opportunity to get the community involved. There are many fundraising options that can help your team bring in the money you need for the technology that will set you apart.

Here are our top 4 fundraising ideas for sports teams:


Facebook has recently rolled out a fundraising feature that allows users to create personal and community fundraiser pages. A powerful personal narrative should be at the center of your fundraiser, highlighting the real people and teams of your community.

Simply select the menu at the top of your News Feed and tap the "Fundraisers" button, which will bring you to the fundraiser hub. The "Discover" section lets you find out about new and popular fundraisers, while the "Manage" tab lets you keep track of fundraisers friends have invited you to in the past.

All fundraisers need to be submitted for a 24-hour review process, in which Facebook ensures the fundraisers are high quality, meet the categories, meet the fundraiser policies and are legitimate.

To donate, users can pay through Facebook's existing payment platform infrastructure. Facebook doesn't want to make money off the tool, but it does charge a 6.9 percent fee, plus a standard 30-cent transaction fee, to cover payment processing, vetting, and security.


If you’re looking for a team-wide fundraiser where many players are involved, look no further than the ease of a third-party online fundraising company. Companies such as make it easy to manage fundraising “ask” campaigns that have a specific message and is team approved. While it can become a hassle managing each player’s individual campaign, this puts every player’s fundraising efforts into one location.

Another great company is Adrenaline Fundraising, which connects teams with a local representative who develops a more personal fundraising strategy. They specialize in partnering with big corporations and retailers to offer promotions such as discount tickets, key tags and “APay” (where mobile purchases earn cash back), for teams to raise funds.

Both companies have extensive experience working specifically with sporting teams and organizations nationwide and have the dedication to help teams raise money. You can contact each company directly or contact us at Athlete Intelligence and we will connect you with a partner company that is best suited for your needs, and offers a discounted rate through our referral program.


What could be better than providing your sports team with the technology that reduces the risk of injury and improves performance, while also providing a technology-based education to students in the classroom? Middletown High School in New York has done just that, tapping into public resources available from local and national STEM programs to fund their Athlete Intelligence system and provide an in-classroom STEM education.


Middletown administrators recognized that there was an opportunity to create a strong bridge between academic and athletic excellence, and decided to work with an organization called Project Lead the Way. Engineering students worked directly with the Athlete Intelligence staff and the Middletown Athletics Department to run the Athletics Platform, process the data, and help work through common engineering and technical problems.


Many local companies currently donate to local and regional sports teams through offers such as stadium banners, event programs, raffle donations and specific equipment purchases. Offering local city councils, local business associations and community groups such as rotary clubs, Kiwanis or Lion's Club an opportunity for sponsorship is a great way to procure a large sum for your fundraising campaign.


Bothell Cougar Junior Football and Athlete Intelligence are using sponsorships to help outfit all the players on their football team with the Cue Sport Sensor for next season.

Patrick LeDoux, the System Director for the Cougars, said, “Bothell Cougar Junior Football wanted to be on the cutting-edge of technology and best practices to maintain an elite youth football program. We were going to find the best fundraising options to make that happen”

athlete intelligence will help you raise the money

We have been happy to work with schools and leagues in developing sponsorships, online fundraisers, STEM programs and networking that has allowed teams to benefit from Athlete Intelligence.

Contact us or Request a Quote  to see how your team can afford our Athlete Intelligence platform, and compatible sensors that measure impact data and performance metrics. Provide your team with the competitive advantage to improve their performance with with the responsibility of managing their safety.


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