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Head Impact Monitoring Case Study: Mount Si High School

6/6/19 1:00 PM / by Athlete Intelligence

Building Better Athletes: The Power of Monitoring Head Impacts

Mount Si High School, Washington State

The Mount Si Football program identified a need for the 2018 season that more was required to reduce head-impact exposure for their student-athletes. Partnering with Athlete Intelligence, Mount Si Football was able to use impact data to identify which athletes we’re at the most risk through tackling/blocking improperly, those taking the most impacts, and which players were experiencing the hardest hits in both games and practices. Through automated daily and weekly reports highlighting impact data and trends, the Athletic Training and Coaching staff leveraged the data gathered, and now had a supporting tool to make necessary adjustments within their program where it mattered most.

Using the information accessible from Athlete Intelligence, week over week the Mount Si Football program began to see a reduction in head-impact counts and average number of impacts for the team. The data allowed Coaching Staff to first monitor which athletes had improper technique through using the crown of their head and made quick adjustments to specific drills for those who needed it most. Being able to have impact data on every athlete created a new foundation to monitor and manage each athlete’s exposure, as well as use the key indicators on where sideline staff can help athletes perform better, while performing more safe.

Mt. Si football finished the 2018 season with a 10-2 record is and currently ranked  6th in the state of Washington. 




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