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Marketing Manager at i1 Biometrics, makers of Athlete Intelligence the Vector MouthGuard, Shockbox Helmet Mount and Cue Sport Sensor. Building better athletes.
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Revamp Athletics Keeps Your Brain in the Game

9/6/17 1:22 PM / by Lidia Harding

(Founder Matt and co-founder Ryan exercising hockey health at revamp athletics; keeping athletes healthy, one stride at a time.  Stay healthy as you gear up for the hockey season.)

We are excited to feature a guest post from Ryan Erlandson from the non-profit organization Revamp Athletics. Please join us in supporting an organization that is for athletes by athletes, that promotes the betterment of sports and athleticism. They are available to help athletes, leagues, athletic-departments, coaches, parents, fans, and managers articulate situations and build awareness around athlete injuries, prevention and support.

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Improve your fight with wearable tech for boxing

8/28/17 10:43 AM / by Lidia Harding

Sports technology continues to grow exponentially with product innovations for every sport and every athlete. With the increased attention on matches such as the Mayweather and McGregor fight, boxing, mixed martial arts and other combat sports are becoming more and more popular. And just like in other sports such as football, basketball and soccer where new technology is becoming standard, fighters are also looking to improve their game with the market’s newest wearable technology.

If you’re looking to improve your fighting game, check out these six solutions:

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Summer Internship with an impact

8/22/17 10:00 AM / by Lidia Harding

For the past two years Athlete Intelligence has been working closely with Davidson College and Professor Dr. Tim Chartier to help expand research on data analytics. Part of Chartier's work is about finding patterns and trends in data such as differences in injury rates and head impacts from different quarters or positions in a football game.

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5 Ways to Decrease the Risk of Concussions in Youth Football

8/17/17 3:26 PM / by Lidia Harding

It’s football season again! Time for tailgating, tackles, and … traumatic brain injuries? As the season ramps up, and with the release of new CTE research studies, player safety has become an extremely hot topic among the sports community. While fears tend to out-weigh benefits, it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Among the many skills learned, football teaches us leadership, discipline, teamwork, and how to respect others.

While no products in the sports industry can identify or diagnose concussions, there are new findings which may help reduce the risk. Below are 5 ways to help decrease the risk of head injuries and concussions:

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Most Common Upper Body Injuries in Ice Hockey (Infographic)

8/10/17 11:04 AM / by Lidia Harding

Ice hockey, like most contact sports, is a fast-paced physical sport that creates situations where injury is possible. Being aware of the risk of injuries is important to the success of the team and the athlete.

ProStock Hockey developed an infographic on most common upper body injuries and how to prevent and treat those injuries. They include injuries like, dental, shoulder, abdominal, wrist and, of course, head injuries.

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Tsukuba University Study Using Vector MouthGuard

7/25/17 12:28 PM / by Lidia Harding

Tsukuba University has partnered over the past few years with Athlete Intelligence to conduct medical research on the impact of head collisions within contact sports in Japan. This is a summary of the recently released (May 2017) research article published by Takashi Fukudah, Sekiya Koike, Syumpei Miyakawa and Yuki Yamamoto from Tsukuba University.

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Ryan Mundy on Investing, Sports Technology and Giving Back to the Community

7/21/17 9:13 AM / by Lidia Harding

In response to a recent article on former NFL safety Ryan Mundy, Athlete Intelligence wanted to follow up with Mundy. We dug deeper into his current investing role as the Chief Strategist with Techlete Ventures, his views on the current sports technology environment and how he gives back to the community.

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How Sleep Can Affect Athlete Performance

6/16/17 11:51 AM / by Lidia Harding

Did you know that some of the world’s best athletes get over ten hours of sleep a night?

If you want to become a high performing athlete or even just a more productive person in life, then sleep needs to be one of the most important things to focus on. Research shows that a lack of sleep hinders performance not only in daily life but also plays an enormous role in athletic performance.

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Implementing Ideas Learned During The Off-Season

5/25/17 3:19 PM / by Lidia Harding

Implementing Ideas Learned During the Off-Season Requires Careful Consideration | AFCA Weekly for Football Coaches

By Mike Podoll, Associate Oublisher, This is AFCA Magazine

Here’s how the typical scenario unfolds for many coaching staffs each off-season. After taking a short break away from football, coaches finally find themselves fully re-energized and with enough free time to self-scout the previous season and dive into that long-bookmarked “Chalk Talk” article, instructional DVD, coaching book or game-film that they’ve been meaning to check out.

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How to Use an Athlete Centered Approach to Change Nutritional Habits

5/4/17 11:14 AM / by Lidia Harding

With managing a whole team, 12-14 hour days and a limit on time, many coaches don’t take the time to work on nutrition with their athletes. It’s easy to just hand out a meal plan and to say, “eat this, not that.” If coaches took the time to understand behavior change, helped athletes understand their goals, and created an environment for them to succeed, they would not only see positive results, but they would also build a stronger team.

Strength and conditioning coach Adam Feit, was recently invited to the NSCA Coaches Conference to speak about an athlete-centered approach to nutrition coaching. The entire session is available to watch directly on their website.

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