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7 Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries

10/16/17 5:23 PM / by David Gallaher



When it comes to athlete safety, there is no foolproof way to avoid getting injured, but there are many things you can do to minimize that risk. And surprisingly, many of these precautions aren’t that difficult to put into place—they are just common sense!


7. Schedule A Physical Before The Big Game

Sometimes our body has weaknesses and vulnerabilities that we just can’t see…or even feel! That is where a visit to the doctor before a major game can pinpoint any possible preexisting trouble areas before heading to the field or court.


6. Make Sure You Have Protective Equipment

This should be obvious—but sometimes, especially when playing casually with friends, some protective gear may fall to the wayside. When tempted to chuck that helmet or other item, don’t do it! And make sure that all the equipment fits properly.


5. Get Enough Rest

Proper rest—for both mind and body—is key not only to acing your game, but for making sure you do not make a mistake that could land you on the injured list. Insufficient sleep can create a slowing down of your reflexes, which can lead to devastating accidents.


4. Receive Proper Hydration

Sometimes in the heat of competition, we fail to remember to take water breaks. Avoid cramps and bring your best self to the game by making sure to schedule time to drink water and stay properly hydrated, cutting down on your risk of injury and discomfort.


3. Stretch!

No matter what your sport, warming up with some pre-game stretches are going to be so crucial in keeping your body limber and in-shape. And don’t forget to do some after-game stretches and other “cool down” methods to give your body time to recover.


2. Maintain Proper Nutrition

The time to eat right is not the day before the game, but weeks beforehand as part of a proper diet. Work with a sports nutritionist to determine just what that diet should consist of, and make sure you stick with it as part of your regular routine.


1. Follow The Rules

The rules of the game are not just there to make the sport more challenging and exciting—but properly followed, they should ensure less accidents and injuries on the field. When everyone follows the game rules at the same time, the risk of injury significantly decreases.


What do you think of our tips for avoiding sports injuries? Can you think of any others we might have missed?


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