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7 Reasons Roller Derby Is Great For Your Health

11/1/17 9:38 AM / by Athlete Intelligence


Roller Derby is one of the most increasingly popular sports at the moment—a frenetic and fun competition involving two teams of roller skaters on a track. Largely played indoors, this full-contact sport has some great health benefits to its players!


7. Increases Stamina

Roller Derby is an hour-long contest of endurance, rolling down the track and tangling with other players. After a number of bouts your stamina is bound to increase—as well as your lower body getting a workout!


6. Improves Mental Health

It’s no secret that keeping the body active improves mental health and fights depression, and roller derby is quite the active sport! It’s also a sport with plenty of social interaction, which leads us to…


5. Requires Teamwork

You are literally surrounded by other people in roller derby—both from your team and the other side. Science shows that getting out and socializing with others, rather than being alone, has mental and even physical health benefits.


4. Strength-Building

In addition to working out your leg muscles, participating in a roller derby toughens up your abdominals and strengthens your core. Keeping your balance on the track, staying on your feet, and blocking/pushing opponents is the equivalent of a day at the gym!


3. It’s Great Cardio

When you participate in Roller Derby, you skate really fast—burning lots of calories and increasing your adrenalin. And according to one study, just 30 minutes of skating a day will lower your risk of heart disease.


2. Pumps Up Your Self-Esteem

Roller Derby is a sport of assertiveness—when you get out on the track it’s push or be pushed, and block or be counted out. So it’s a great activity to exercise your confidence “muscles.” Of course, there’s also the added ego boost of having competed in, and completing, a bout!


1. It’s Fun To Do!

Just the simple act of finding an activity you enjoy can reduce stress, increase your sense of purpose, and add years to your life. If you’re looking for a unique sport that promotes teamwork, exercises your entire body, and brings you pride, give Roller Derby a try!



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