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7 Interesting Super Bowl Facts

1/29/18 6:11 AM / by Athlete Intelligence



Do you think you know everything there is to know about one of the most popular televised sports matches in the world? As we count down to the Superbowl, here are seven intriguing facts about the event that may surprise you!


7. The Superbowl Trophy Costs $50,000

Unlike other sports trophies like the Stanley Cup, a new Vince Lombardi Trophy is made every year. Tiffany’s makes the trophy out of silver, and their craftspeople take four months to create each one. Even after the Super Bowl is over, even more work goes into the trophy in terms of engraving and cleaning. That all adds up to a hefty chunk of change!


6. The First Two Super Bowls Were Erased

Shocking, but true. Super Bowl I (1967) and Super Bowl II (1968) were not broadcasted live, and the only official film of them was supposedly erased to make room for…soap operas? But not to worry, one fan recorded both events for posterity, and so the archive of Super Bowls remains intact.


5. The First “Celebrity” Super Bowl Halftime Show Featured New Kids On The Block

Prior to 1991, Super Bowl halftime shows were performed by various marching bands, drill teams, and the like. But that all changed in 1991 when boy band New Kids On The Block performed alongside Disney characters singing sponsor Coca-Cola’s classic “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing.”


4. The First Player To Say “I’m Going To Disney World” Was Phil Simms

It’s a legendary catch-phrase we hear everywhere now & associate with winning the Super Bowl: “I’m going to Disney World!” But do you remember what NFL player first uttered those words? It was Phil Simms, winner of Super Bowl XXI in 1987; he was reportedly paid $75,000 for to say the slogan in a post-game Disney commercial.


3. Super Bowl Sunday Is The Second Largest American Food Consumption Day

The only day that people in the United States eat more food is, of course, Thanksgiving—making the Super Bowl its own kind of holiday! Last year, fans were expected to consume 1.33 billion chicken wings and spend $227 million on potato chips—with 104.9 million pounds of avocados to be used to make a tasty Super Bowl guacamole.


2. It Was Only Called The Super Bowl With The Third Game

Technically, there was no Super Bowl I & II—instead they were originally known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. However, Lamar Hunt, owner of the AFL's Kansas City Chiefs, first used “Super Bowl” to unofficially refer to the game in a 1966 press interview…and the popularity of the monicker grew and grew until it became official with Super Bowl III in 1969.


1. 16 Million People, On Average, Take The Day After The Super Bowl Off

They call it “Super Sick Day”—referring to the tendency of people to take the day after Super Bowl Sunday off. According to a survey by the Workplace Institute in 2016, one in 10 U.S. workers, or an estimated 16.5 million employed U.S. adults, were projected to miss work the day after the Super Bowl due to the game. Another estimated 7.5 million Americans said they might show up late to work.


And that’s our 7 interesting Super Bowl facts…enjoy the game this year!



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